Holy Baby Fever Batman…

Before I had my daughter I was the exact opposite of motherly, in fact kids – in particular babies – scared the bejeezus out of me! I never thought I’d be someone who would oooh and ahhhh over a newborn….

People always said you’re different when it was yours and I could not agree more, the second my daughter was born it was absolutely love at first sight. I had never so much as changed a diaper, fed a baby, and definitely hadn’t ever been responsible for another human being in any manner close to this before! But somehow they let us leave the hospital with this perfect little human being…the whole thing was pretty surreal to be honest!

I proceeded to read everything I could get my hands on, when I was nursing my daughter I was reading the chapter on what to expect next and how to handle it when the time arose…. I was truly starting to drive myself nuts with information overload, the blessing and curse of the internet I suppose!

But we survived, together, the three of us made it through the first year….

There were absolutely great days but I’d be lying if I said it was all rainbows and butterflies, any new parent has probably experienced the same thing, whether they want to admit it or not?

Fast forward to today, my sister and I visited my sister’s best friend, who she’s known since 3rd grade which basically makes her family. She just welcomed her absolutely beautiful baby girl into this world and I may as well have been skipping into that hospital room. I was so beyond excited to hold a little baby again, I’m embarrassed to say I jumped in before my sister even had the chance to hold the new baby but I just couldn’t help myself….

Baby Fever Website

Holding that little girl brought a million memories flooding back into my head; of cuddling and snuggling with my brand spankin’ new daughter, of the excitement and the fear I’d felt leaving the hospital and the sheer terror of being a mom.

And yet, all I could think of was how I can’t wait to experience that all again…The baby smells, the cute little noises, even the late night feedings and everything else that came along with the the brand new baby.

Me. The girl who ran from babies. Funny how life works out…

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