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Okay so let me just start by saying I know this is a silly topic…. and after seeing the image I’ve posted you’re probably already thinking, why the heck is this girl talking about a stain on her shirt?!?! But the truth is, this stain is so much more than a simple stain! It is a gentle reminder of the many, many ways in which my life has changed as the result of becoming a mother.

If I’m starting to lose you already, bear with me here for a bit!

This evening, as I was taking off my button down shirt I found this on my undershirt – what it is exactly, I truly couldn’t tell you – seems like the story of my life these days. But let me back up a couple of a days though to where my story begins (haha)!

I recently went to a concert with my family out of town (PS if you’re wondering if Elton John still has it, he does indeed!!!!). I am notorious for over-packing for anything, in particular a single overnight trip. I was bound and determined that this would not happen again and much to the surprise of my younger sister and parents, I arrived ready for departure with, count it, ONE bag!! Not only did I have but a single bag, it was even a small backpack, in direct contrast to my sister’s giant duffel which contained “a big pair of boots” (yeah, yeah, sure…whatever you say!).

Much to my dismay, within minutes of getting in the car and on the road, I managed to stain my shirt. And of course, I had packed but one measly sweatshirt to toss on the next day. I know you’re probably thinking “The horror! Can’t believe such an awful thing would happen! Talk about a 1st world problem!!!!” and I wouldn’t blame you, but again, I promise I’ve got a point….

After arriving at our hotel before the concert I managed to get my hands on a Tide To-Go Pen from my Dad, talk about a lifesaver! All was right in the world, the shirt I had painstakingly selected was salvaged. But as I was using the pen, I looked down only to realize that I also had toothpaste on my shirt, that info would have been good to know! Thanks Fam!!!

Okay so now for the point I promised. Before I had my daughter I was extremely tidy, maybe not always in my home (I’ve described myself as a walking tornado in the past), but always in my appearance. From a very young age I was always well put together. I was so concerned with matching that I actually wore two pairs of socks at all times that would color coordinate with my outfits! Pretty ridiculous really but the point is, I cared about how I looked. And I wouldn’t have been caught dead in a stained shirt out in public.

And now, here I am, with a stain, again. Turns out once you have a kid you will inexplicably have schmutz on you at all times. Could have been from you, could have been from the kiddo – honestly, who knows!!! You’re so busy running around chasing a baby or toddler that you don’t even notice. Maybe in the past I had more time to look in a mirror so even though the stains were always there I was able to address them before I left the house? Beats me.

BUT, something in my life has shifted and the tidiness in my appearance has gone by the wayside.

I remember walking past those ladies back before I became a mom, you know, the ones wearing yesterdays clothing looking like they hadn’t showered in days with screaming children clinging to their legs. I have to admit, I didn’t get it, I didn’t understand how this could happen to mothers. I didn’t understand just how utterly time consuming your child would be and how much it would alter your core values, in my case, tidiness!

The truth is, my life has has changed. In so many ways. More than I could ever count. But I can honestly say that in addition to gaining a wonderful daughter I have gained a higher level of empathy for those around me. I have also gained more confidence in myself, and I have learned that what others think is not the most important thing in the world (well, I’m still working on this one)!

Most importantly, I have learned that no ones cares about that stain on your shirt except you! And if they do, just wait until they have kids…..And then they’ll be standing there, at night, trying to recall how something like this could have possibly happened, and realize…..

I’m tired, my kid is alseep, why am I still awake?!?

Goodnight đŸ™‚








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