Oak is A. O.K.

It’s no secret that oak has gotten a bad reputation, largely due to an excessive use of the product from doors to trim to cabinets, everything OAK. OAK. OAK. And to make matters worse it was Golden Oak…..everywhere. On almost a daily basis I have clients who walk through the door and say, “I’m getting readyContinue reading “Oak is A. O.K.”

Three Words: Gooey. Butter. Cake.

My husband is from St. Louis and before I met him I didn’t even know this stuff existed. For almost 30 years I was truly missing something amazing! Don’t get me wrong, this stuff is terrible for you. Like really, really bad…. When you see the sheer amount of powdered sugar needed for this recipeContinue reading “Three Words: Gooey. Butter. Cake.”

Adventures in Starting the Garden; Seed Style 

Last year my husband and I built a raised garden bed on the side of our house…and in the exact same breathe we began to outfit it with all of the plants we thought we used most. Immediately following, we decided to tackle the house remodel before our daughter started walking. And while we managedContinue reading “Adventures in Starting the Garden; Seed Style “

How to Save Yourself from a High School Life Lesson I Learned too Late

I live within blocks of a local high school. And every single morning I see the same group of girls, walking with one lone boy, outside of school boundaries.  A quick glance around the area leads to the realization that there are multiple groups of students scattered off campus huddled in groups of two toContinue reading “How to Save Yourself from a High School Life Lesson I Learned too Late”

A New Bike! & Rediscovering a Lost Love

I had a bike. A really, really, really old bike. Like embarrassingly old! Like junior high old…. In my defense it was a pretty sweet Schwinn, they even gave me a whole $25 for it as a trade in. The same amount as an old, old, old Burley bike trailer that we got for freeContinue reading “A New Bike! & Rediscovering a Lost Love”

Cheap Entertainment for a Toddler; BEANS!!!

In my constant search for entertainment for the toddler I’ve tried EVERYTHING! And I am in complete and utter shock of the things that stick and are the most fun to the kiddo. For instance junk mail, I hate it but she thinks it’s soooo much fun. Shoes; not only the cutest thing to hearContinue reading “Cheap Entertainment for a Toddler; BEANS!!!”

10 Tips for a Toddler Easter Basket

First off, I must admit, I am no expert as this is the first Easter I’ve put together a basket for my daughter….last year I decided my daughter was too little to get into it – we’d just go to my parent’s house and enjoy dinner and the day together! Yay!!! Sounded great! …..Until IContinue reading “10 Tips for a Toddler Easter Basket”

How to Protect Other Laundry from…DARK JEANS!!! (THE HORROR!!!)

Okay so this may be a refresher for some people out there but I NEVER knew these existed until recently, however; I have to share my latest miracle product…. (……..Drum roll please…….!) Shout Color Catchers!!!! Alright so this may possibly be the dorkiest post I’ve ever made (although that’s debatable…haha). BUT these things are trulyContinue reading “How to Protect Other Laundry from…DARK JEANS!!! (THE HORROR!!!)”

All About: Countertops

One of the questions that comes up daily is giving clients a general rundown on the differences between the most common countertop options; there are lots of choices out there and it seems like it’s simply a game of pros and cons, everything has it’s advantages and disadvantages! I’ll focus on a few of theContinue reading “All About: Countertops”