Taking Back Our Closet!

Okay so by my own admission, I will admit that our daughter has an obscene amount of clothing! Like kind of out of control. In my defense, everything is so flipping cute!!! This weekend I decided to tackle the massive amount of clothing that had “accumulated” in her closet… Just so happens that she hasContinue reading “Taking Back Our Closet!”

Throwing a BDAY for a 1 Year Old – Sesame Street Style

When our daughter was turning one, I went through the long and arduous process of trying to figure out how decorate, what to cook, and if we’re being completely honest…how to impress those who came to our home for the occasion… To say I’m a wee bit of a perfectionist would be an understatement! IContinue reading “Throwing a BDAY for a 1 Year Old – Sesame Street Style”

The Most Useful Baby Shower Gift You’ll Ever Give/Receive

The other day I went to a baby shower for a close friend, while filtering through her registry I just couldn’t bring myself to buy a stuffed animal or more cute clothes, regardless of how much I may have wanted to and especially since they’re having a little girl! Instead I started brainstorming everything, andContinue reading “The Most Useful Baby Shower Gift You’ll Ever Give/Receive”